Healthy Eating Fun Day (26.04.2014)

The “Healthy Eating Fun Day” co-organized by the School, PTA and International Social Service (ISS) was successfully held on Saturday, 26 April, 2014 at the ISS Community Centre of Sham Shui Po.  Thanks to the generosity and kindness of 107 parents/students/teachers who volunteered to join this one day program to serve the underprivileged children at that area, and all PTA members who have made generous donations to support the event.  With the donations, each participated family has received a gift pack with mushrooms, sesame, restaurant and supermarket coupons.

On 26 April, most of volunteers were assembled in the school playground at 8:30am, after registration and taking few group photos with the PTA committee members, they all got on to coaches to go to the Community Centre at Sham Shui Po.  All volunteered parents and students were busy setting up the booths in the morning, rehearsing the presentations, games and all other roles to serve the children in the afternoon.  There were seven booths being set up in the Center with an aim to provide useful healthy eating information, demonstration of healthy food together with food tasting, and fun games to further instill the healthy eating concept to the children and their parents.  The ISS social worker Miss Betty Lee has given an introduction to all the parent and student volunteers about the service of the Centre, the Sham Shui Po community and how people can provide further help to that area in future. 

With the opening speech by the MC, a presentation of the donated cheque from PTA to the ISS Centre and a group photo with PTA Executive Committee, the Healthy Eating Fun Day event commenced in the afternoon.  Over 110 children and family members were divided into 7 groups to join the different booths prepared for them one by one.  In a 2 hours session, all our parents/students volunteers were earnestly engaged with the children and their family members, there were much laughers and cheering throughout the event.  For our girls, it definitely gave them an opportunity to learn about a different community of Hong Kong and how they can give back and share what they have with those needy families. 

The PTA earnestly expresses the heartfelt thanks to all PTA parents who have donated to the event, the School, parent and student volunteers for the tremendous effort in making this meaningful event a great success.