Love by Think.Cook.Save@SPCS (22.03.2014)

The ‘Love by Think, Cook, Save@SPCS’ program held on Mar 22, 2014 has received very good comments from the participated parents and students. It was fully enrolled by 30 pairs of parents and students who had spent a whole afternoon with our guest instructors Miss Alvina Chan and Miss Beatrice Chan at the school to share about healthy eating and cooking.
Miss Alvina Chan (陳彥琳小姐) is a celebrated ibanker turned Chef de L’Amour, the co-founder of the Think.Cook.Save health and food education program, a book writer, a TV culinary show host and the RTHK show “Rich Mate Poor Mate” (窮富翁大作戰) presenter.  Miss Beatrice Chan (陳嘉惠小姐) is a writer, the co-founder of Think.Cook.Save health and food education program, and the ambassador of the Food Revolution Movement.
The program was commenced with a welcome speech by our Chairlady Ms Jacqueline Wong, followed by simple souvenir presentation ceremony by our our ex-Chairlady Rebecca Chan and a photo taking session with our Sister Margaret, Rebecca Chan, Jacqueline Wong, Beatrice Chan and Alvina Chan.
Two interactive activities with 4 girls and 6 parent volunteers were immediately started. All participants were shocked by viewing a video with Jamie Oliver showing kids how junk food components were mixed to produce the popular fast food of chicken nuggets, and a demonstration of how common orange drink bought in the supermarkets or shops was made with no real orange ingredients, but lots of sugar and food stabilizer. It was further followed by a presentation on healthy food, urban planting and balanced diet by Beatrice Chan.
It was a fantastic experience for our parents and girls to visit the school’s rooftop garden; they were all pleased to see the rich harvest of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, lemons and natural herbs that were planted by the volunteer parents and students in the school.
The cooking demonstration and food tasting session was mostly welcomed by our parents and students and they were pleased to be so close to the celebrity cooker Alvina and had a chance to taste the meal prepared by her. One lucky parent and two girls had joined the cooking process together with Alvina. They had even used the herbs planted from the rooftop garden of the school to prepare the meal!
To close the meaningful program, participants were free to take a sample of carrot, tomato, a tiny bunch of herbs planted in the rooftop garden of the school, and a small pack of organic green bean provided by the guest speakers as their souvenir.
The program achieved a great success; the PTA would like to expresses the heartfelt thanks to the parents, School, and parent volunteers for the tremendous support during the course of planning, preparation and execution.