Code of Conduct of the Association to be observed by all Members.

Payment of the Membership Fee

Members shall ensure to tender payment of the membership fee on time and in full within the prescribed period, whether or not he or she will join the Association for a complete term.

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting

Members shall endeavour to attend the Annual General Meeting, will observe the Constitution of the Association and shall abide by the decisions of the Executive Committee and any resolutions passed by General Meeting.

Participation in Association's Activities

Members shall actively participate and support activities organized by the Association.

Dress Code for Attending Activities Organized by the Association

Members shall ensure the propriety of their attire, dressed according to the code as stipulated or/and commensurated to the events organized by the Association.

Remuneration for Works Performed for the Association

Members shall work for the Association on a voluntary basis and shall not be entitled to remuneration in respect of any work performed.

Usage of the Name of the Association

No member shall use the name of the Association for any purpose including, but not limited to, the participation in political propaganda or any activities that may undermine the interest of the Association.

Communication of Information on Matters Discussed in the Association's Meeting

Members shall not communicate/disclose to a third party or to any member of the public, the information or matter discussed in the Association's meeting without the express authorization from the Executive Committee.

Distribution of Promotional Material of Commercial or Political Nature

Under no circumstances shall any member distribute promotional materials of commercial or political nature to other members of the Association.

Attending Interviews Organized by the Mass Media

Under no circumstances shall any member attend and/or respond to an interview organized by the mass media on matters concerning the Association except at the behest of the Executive Committee and the expressed endorsement from the School Principal of the St. Paul's Covent School.

Quoting of Parent-Teacher Association Membership Status on Personal, Business or Professional Name Cards

Under no circumstances shall members quote his/her PTA membership status on his/her personal, business or professional name cards as part of his/her recognized social status.