Seminar on “Enhancing EQ & AQ – A Key to Happiness For You and Your Girls” (22.02.2014)

The above seminar has received overwhelming response from parents and students.  We are pleased that over 100 parents and students gathered at the School in a Saturday afternoon on Feb 22nd, 2014 to attend the seminar presented by our guest speaker, Mr. Charles Yu (余德淳先生).  Mr. Charles Yu (余德淳先生) is widely known as an expert authority in applied psychology, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Adversity Intelligence (AQ) and Multi Intelligence (MQ).  Since 1997, Mr. Yu has conducted many extremely well-received seminars for students, parents, and teachers from primary and secondary schools all over Hong Kong.

During the seminar, Mr. Yu has used a simple way to explain the concept of Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and Adversity Intelligence(AQ).  With his clear presentation, we understand that EQ is the ability to monitor and control one’s emotion while AQ is the ability of resilience, particularly when facing adverse situation.  Mr Yu has shared many important tips how we can help our girls to enhance both EQ and AQ in this competitive generation.  He has highlighted the significance of mental health and how to live a balanced life.  The seminar was well received by our parents; many of them have actively raised questions to seek the advice from Mr Yu in the Q&A session. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Yu for sharing his professional knowledge and remarkable insights with us.  Gratitude also goes to all the parents and girls for their attendance, the school for their support, as well as the PTA executive committee members and parent volunteers (Daisy Chui -Team Leader, Frances Yau, Iris Chong, and Vicky Tang), for their dedicating time and efforts to make this event a great success.