66th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (27.11.2014 – 13.12.2014)

We are proud to announce that our girls have completed all the competitions in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival with an excellent result.

With the support of the school and the parent volunteers, we have run very smooth logistics to bring our girls to the competition venue and escort them back to school.

It is a very good opportunity for our parent volunteers to experience these exciting competitions together with our girls, saw their performances on the stages and witnessed them to receive the different awards.   There are 59 parent volunteers helping out in the year, they were all thrilled by the high spirit of the girls and the enthusiasm of the teachers.

In total, the girls received a total of 113 awards in this year’s Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, including 43 champion awards, 36 second places and 34 third places, which is absolutely encouraging and motivating.  Let’s give a big applause to our girls and thanks for the school teachers’ dedicated effort.

The Parents Teachers Association would like to take this chance to thank our helper team:



Daughter’s Name


Ms Sarah CHAN

Krystal WAH (4L)


Mrs Wendy LEE            

Julia LEE (2P)


Ms Mabel LEUNG

WONG Lok Yan (1T)


Ms Lorna WONG

Vanessa LIU (3T)


Ms Iris CHOW

Bianca CHOW (6T)


Ms Daisy CHUI

Jane HO (3S)

Team Leader:

Ms Josephine CHAN

Jacqueline CHAN (2U)


Ms Loretta CHAN

Andrea CHAN (1P)


Ms Josephine KOU

Janice CHU (5T)



Melanie IP (1A)


Ms Connie LEUNG

Constance LEE (3T)


Ms Oriana LEUNG

Rachelle LEUNG (1A)


Ms Jenny YEUNG

Jasmine CHOY (3S)



Tiffany CHOW (1P)


Ms CHEUNG Man Fong

Colette YUEN (1P)


Ms Bess CHOI

Kristy TANG (1L)


Mrs Jasmine CHOW

Natalie CHOW (2A)


Mr Sidney CHOW

Tiffany CHOW (1A)


Ms CHUI Kar Wing

Suki CHUNG (1L)


Ms Liz HO

Giselle NGAN (3S)


Ms Agnes IU

Jennifer KWOK (3T)


Ms Karen KO

Ginny WU (3S)


Ms Pinky KO

Kylie NG (1L)


Ms Kimmy KONG

Karina KAN (1A)


Ms KWAN Hang Mui

Joanna KEUNG (1T)


Mrs Nicole LAM

Melissa LAM (1L)


Ms Lam Lai FAN

Stephanie WONG (3T)


Ms Sara LAM

CHOW Yuet Ting (1T)


Mrs Lucinda LI

Karen LI (4S)


Mr Samuel LOR

Ingrid LOR (4U)


Ms LUK Cheung Ling

Gigi CHAN (3U)


Mrs Dorcas MAK

Rachel MAK (2P)


Ms Miranda NG

Anson DAI (4P)


Ms Louisa NG

Katherine WONG (1S)


Ms Esther PUN

Eunice LEE (2S)


Ms Kitty SHEK

Andrea AU (1L)


Ms SO Lai Ling

Yannes LEUNG (1U)


Ms Carol TAM

Claire TSUI (4A)


Mr Feddie TANG

Senorina TANG (1A)


Ms Karen TO

Sherry CHEUNG (2T)


Ms TONG Shok Yuen

Tiffany CHAN (3P)


Ms Silvia WONG

Candy CHUA (1S)


Mr Patrick YAN

Kristie YAN (1U)


Ms Frances YAU

Nicole CHIM (4L)


Mr Johnny YEUNG

Vinnci YEUNG (2S)


Ms Kathleen YEUNG

Rene LAM (3T)


Ms Penny YIP

Sheryl CHEUNG (1P)


Ms YUEN Wai Ling

Odile MOK (2S)


Ms Alice YUNG

Claudine Colette LEUNG (1L)


We truly appreciate all parent volunteers who had given their precious time to accompany and support all our lovely girls on the days of the event. Last but not least, we would also like to give special thanks to our Vice chairs – Ms Joanna CHIU and Mrs J WONG for their generous support, how could we enjoy such a smooth logistics without their involvement?