Joint Green Campaign and Help the Needy” Project (01.02.2013 and 02.02.2013)

The “Joint Green Campaign and Help the Needy Project” co-organized by the School and PTA for the 6th year was successfully held again on Friday & Saturday, 1- 2 Feb, 2013 at the School. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of more than 127 parents, a total of 173 packs of recycled items including winter clothes, domestic electrical appliances, mobile phone and laptop computers, story books, bags, sport equipment etc. that are in excellent conditions were graciously collected.
We are pleased that recycled items collected this year are able to serve two different charity organizations, the Caritas Rehabilitation Service and the “Sharing for a Cause 2013” program hosted by Kids4kids.
Winter clothes, electrical appliances and other items have been donated to the Caritas Rehabilitation Service in Hong Kong for the needy and to help the under-privileged children and families in Hong Kong through resale of recycled items in the Caritas Wai Bo Fong Second Hand Recycling Store operation. As for the sports related goods so collected will be redistributed through Crossroad Foundation to those kids with none.
We believe that this project is able to serve the dual-purpose of instilling environmental consciousness in and offering an opportunity for our daughters to learn about giving back and sharing what they have with those needy and helping the underprivileged children and families at the same time. 
The PTA earnestly extends the heartfelt thanks to the parents, School, and parent volunteers, Jenny Yeung, Joanna Chiu, Sarah Chan, Jinny Lai, Karen Ko, Daisy Chui Sue Lau, Fjorn Cho, Josephine Kou, Tracy Wo, Winnie Cheung, Kathleen Yeung, Betty Cheng, Frances Yau, Christine Tsai, Fenny Feng, Judy Tam, Trisha Cheung, Christine Or, for the tremendous support in making this meaningful event another success.

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