UNESCO HK Peacemakers’ Celebration (24.02.2013)

Peacemakers’ Celebration, which was held at the Hong Kong Science Park in the afternoon of Feb 24, 2013, the Chinese Valentine Day, is the highlight of the “Peace for All Programme” of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Hong Kong (UNESCO HK) to promote peace and cultural diversity and  offers a platform for different age groups to experience and discover culture.
A coach trip was organized by SPCS PTA to support this inspiring and meaningful event for PTA members and their families.
A convivial afternoon was spent by wandering around different country culture booths, appreciating arts pieces under the board theme of peace, watching various cultural performances and participating in different cultural discovery activities. And, of course, supporting our talented girls who participated in singing, dancing and orchestra performance and also booth hosting.
The school is actively engaged in peace promotion and is committed to promote and raise the awareness of peace, harmony, respect and love among the girls and in the society. Let us join hands with the school to strive for this. With peace and love, we will all live in a better world and lead a happier life!