Parental Guidance on Sex Education (25.05.2012)

Parents play a vital role in instiling a proper attitude to the children towards sex. We are pleased that 79 parents  and students attended the seminar on ” Parental Guidance on Sex Education ” presented by our guest speaker, Miss Sherman Cheng, school social worker of Caritas Hong Kong. Miss Cheng’s expertise is mainly on drug prevention, love, and life education and she is experienced in organizing programs and presenting talks on related topics. 

During the seminar, Miss Cheng shared with us very useful information about the attitude of girls and what they have in mind towards sex and love. Participants are also given very useful tips on we can communicate with our children about sex education and love in a positive manner. 

The seminar was well received by participants. All participants responding to the seminar evaluation form expressed satisfaction with the contents of the talk. Over 96% of them responded that the seminar was informative and provided useful tips on how we can communicate with our children.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Cheng for sharing her professional knowledge and insights with us. Gratitude also goes to all the participants for their attendance as well as PTA executive committee members and parent volunteers for dedicating time and efforts to make this event a great success.

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