Briefing Session for Parent Volunteers (4.11.2011)

Each year PTA will recruit parent volunteers to support the School and/or PTA activities held for the academic year. This year we are pleased that close to 85 parents attended the Briefing Session for Parent Volunteers held on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 6:30pm in Room G7 of the School.

Since some parent volunteers are new to the PTA, a briefing on the aims and functions of the Parent Volunteers Programme (PVP) as well as roles and duties of parent volunteers were introduced at the meeting. Some parent volunteers who have assisted the School and PTA in the past few years were also invited to share the fun and their valuable experience.

The support of Parent Volunteers is vital to the success of the School and PTA activities including the upcoming Speech Festival, seminars, and community service programme. With your support and help, we look forward to another year of success for the PVP.