63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (15.11.2011 – 14.12.2011)

Same as past few years, the PTA fully supported the School for the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival by arranging parent volunteers to assist in the logistics on the event days. 73 parent volunteers escorted students to take part in 35 sessions of the 63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival participated by the School during 15.11.2011-14.12.2011.

With close cooperation with the School and enthusiasm of the parent volunteers, the logistics of the event went smoothly. Parent volunteers were also thrilled by the spirits and happiness of the participated students.

The PTA would like to take this opportunity to extend the heartfelt thanks to the parent volunteers for their valuable contributions and dedicated support, and in particular parent coordinator Jacqueline Wong and lead parent volunteers Annette Cheung, Ellen Chau, Iris Chow, Josephine Kou, Roan Sze, Rosana Wu and Yvonne Yu for their active roles in organizing and ensuring the smooth running of the logistics.

Parent Volunteers for 63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

(Arranged in alphaphetical order of respective family names)

Parent Name


Au Coral

Kou Josephine

Wong Jacqueline

Chan Anita

Kwok Christina

Wong Jane

Chan Francis

Lai Fanny

Wu Rosana

Chan Kathy

Lam Grace

Yip Fanny

Chan Kelly

Law Anna

Yiu Peggy

Chan Kit Man

Lee Brenda

Yu Christine

Chan Lai Kam

Lee Sabrina

Yu Connie

Chan Lina

Leily Sy

Yu Yvonne

Chan Pik Ling

Leung Margaret

Yuen Anna

Chan Rebecca

Leung Pauline

Yung Rebecca

Chan Ronald

Li Lucinda

Zhu Jenny

Chan Sarah

Lim Aurora


Chan Winsie

Mo Sally


Chang Mela

Morales Gigi


Chau Ellen

Ng Miranda


Cheng Betty

Ooi Flora


Cheng Trisha

Or Christine


Cheng Wendy

Shum Heidi


Cheung Annette

Sit Susanna


Cheung Mandy

Sung Lydia


Chow Iris

Sze Ngar Lin


Chu Betty

Sze Roan


Chua Ivy

Tam Carol


Chung Karen

Tam Judy


Cindia Chiu

Ting Agnes


Dhillon Sally

Tong Vicky


Fung Eliza

Tsai Christine


Fung Patty

Tsang Connie


Hall Isa

Tsang Pinky


Hung Winnie

Tsui Christine


Ip Abby

Wang Nancy