The 5th Annual General Meeting of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent-Teacher Association (SPCS PTA) (08.10.2011)

The 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent Teacher Association (SPCS PTA) was once again held in a sunny and pleasant weather on October 8, 2011 at the covered playground of the School. 97 participants including teachers and members of SPCS PTA attended the events.We are also grateful that in addition to Ms Gigi Mak, SPCS PTA Legal Advisor and Mr Patrick Tse, SPCS PTA Auditor,  Mrs Lina Cheng, our past Chairlady, Mrs Wanda Cheung and Mr KW Chan, our past General Officers also kindly graced us with their presence in the event.

The meeting was commenced by an opening address by the PTA Advisor, Principal Rev Sr Margaret, who expressed her appreciations to the Association for arranging remarkable activities and cooperating with the School on many events and occasions, especially for the Speech Festival. Principal Rev Sr Margaret remarked that with the assistance of parent volunteers for the Speech Festival, the School was able to maintain a very high participation rate and an almost normal teaching schedule for the students.

On behalf of the Association, the Chairlady also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the PTA  Advisor, Principal Rev Sr. Margaret, for her continual support to the Association, 2010/11 PTA Executive Committee Members, Legal Advisor, Auditor, Teachers, PTA members, and parent volunteers for their invaluable advice and contributions offered to the PTA last year.

Since the Term of Office for SPCS PTA ExCo has been changed to two years starting from last year, no selection of the new cabinet is required this year. ExCo members took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the participants at the AGM that day.

Another highlight of the day was a lively and informative talk presented by Mr C Ho of CLLC Training Centre Limited, and his guest speakers, Mr Charles Lam and Ms Louise Chan on “Cyber Ethics”. Mr C Ho is an experienced business and technology professional who has over 20 years of senior management experiences with major international technology companies and financial institutions. Mr Ho has kindly agreed to share the powerpoint he prepared for the seminar with our members.

After that, the meeting came to an end with photo-taking of a group picture with PTA Advisor, Principal Rev Sr. Margaret, SPCS PTA Legal Advisor, Ms Gigi Mak, and SPCS PTA Auditor, Mr Patrick Tse, and 2010/11 ExCo Members.

Please feel free to browse the website further for the snapshots and passed resolutions including minutes of last annual general meeting, Chairman’s Reports, Treasurer’s Reports and, as well as presentation by Mr Ho.