Sightseeing Program for Mainland Teachers and Students (18-20.07.2011 and 25-27.07.2011)

To support the School for the English Language Teacher Professional Development Program, PTA took up a sightseeing program to escort teacher and student delegates from the Mainland to explore some of the attractions in Hong Kong after their English class on 18-20 July and 25-27 July, 2011. We are delighted that 58 parent volunteers and 43 students participated in this sightseeing program to escort nearly120 delegates to discover the attractions during this period. Thanks to the parent coordinators for working out the program design, logistics and itineraries as well compiling fact sheets. Our heartfelt gratitude also goes to the parent and student volunteers for being ambassadors to escort and present the attractions and the cultural background of Hong Kong to the delegates.

The sightseeing program was successfully organized despite the humid and hot weather which had not deterred the excitement of the delegates to discover Hong Kong. We are also thrilled by the enthusiasms and hard work of the delegates to pursue their English speaking practice during these exploratory trips and the amiable responsiveness of our parent volunteers and students thus  making these trips even more meaningful.

To convey the appreciations to the parent volunteers for their contributions in this event, Certificate of Appreciation were issued by the School to them.

18-20 July, 2011

25-26 July, 2011

27 July, 2011