“Joint Green Campaign and Help the Needy” Project (21.01.2011)

The “Joint Green Campaign and Help the Needy Project” co-organized by the School and PTA for the 4th year was successfully held on Friday, 21 Jan 2011. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of more than 100 parents, a total of 450 recycled items including story books, toys, clothes, bags, watches, electrical appliances, etc. that are in excellent conditions were graciously collected.

The donated items have been donated to the Caritas Rehabilitation Service in Hong Kong for the needy and to help the under-privileged children and families in Hong Kong through resale of recycled items in the Caritas Wai Bo Fong Second Hand Recycling Store operation.

We believe that this project is able to serve the dual-purpose of instilling environmental consciousness in our daughters and helping the underprivileged children and families at the same time.

In addition, in line with the school theme of ‘Low Carbon Living, Green Life’ and in support of the school’s participation in the Sustainable Development School Award Program, a ‘Plant a Plant @ Home’ was also organized at school on the same day.  This activity is one of a series of green activities the PTA is planning to organize to support the theme. More than 140 pots of herbs were given to interested parents and students for planting at home. Our gratitude to a group of students from DIP in Organic Farming and parent volunteers led by Dr Lo who had kindly prepared the pots of herbs, which were rosemary and mint cuttings, on 19 Jan 2011.

The PTA believes that the concept of sustainable development requires a change of mindsets in every aspects and it requires the community to work hand in hand in order to achieve a sustainable future for Hong Kong. We hope that the series of green activities would help to encourage students’ commitment in changing their personal lifestyle and improving the environment.

Last but not least, the PTA earnestly extends our heartfelt thanks to the parents, School, Dr Lo and students, and parent volunteers for the tremendous support in making this meaningful event another success.