Harvest Day (19.03.2011)

“Harvest Day”, the last episode of the joint School-PTA green activities this year was contentedly held on 19 March, 2011. Despite the hazy and a bit chilly weather, 61 participants including parents and students attended the events. We received an encouraging average overall score of 3.46 out of 4.0 from participants who returned their evaluation forms after the event. Not only does this score reflect the enthusiasm, awareness, and support of participants to the activities and green life, but also the hard work of the organizing committee who has spent more than 6 months to prepare a series of green activities for Sustainable Development and to support the School theme “Low Carbon Living” of this year to promote sustainability at school and at home.

In addition to showcasing to participants on the green and sustainable school environment where our daughters are being nurtured, a range of activities on how to lead a “Low Carbon Living, Green Life” at home comprising seminar, handicraft, cooking demonstrations, and exhibition to celebrate the harvest from the previously held “Plant a plant @ home” project were organized on the event day.

The seminar on ‘Sustainability and Home Planting’ presented by Ms Yip Yin-Ping of Produce Green Foundation was very well received by participants. The concept and fundamental of organic farming introduced aroused a lot of interests and keen responds from participants. To explore more, student representative from Conservancy Club was invited to share with us their Green Education and activities at school. After the seminar, participants were invited to tour around the green facilities at school. We would like to thank you Ms Yip for giving us such an informative seminar to sustain a green environment in our daily live as well as Conservancy Club for sharing with us their views and experiences in the green activities at school.

To further nourish “Low Carbon Living, Green Life”, workshops on dried-flower coaster making, recycled-materials for plant pots making, herbs cooking demonstrations, and herbs tea tasting were organized that day. Due to overwhelming requests, recipes for the herbs cooking demonstrations are attached herein for interested parties.

Last but not least, harvest from the previously held “Plant a plant @ home” project was gaily shared with interested participants to continue the planting at home after the exhibition.

Wholeheartedly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you the organizing committee, teachers and parent helpers for all the hard work to organizing such a marvelous program for this event. Special thanks to Dr Lo for all the assistance and coordination in the student helpers, parent helper team leaders Annette Cheung, Bibiana Choy, Ellen Chau, Iris Chow, Rosana Wu, and Yvonne Yu for coordinating the parent helpers as well as all parent helpers who had helped out in this event.