62nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (17.11.2010 – 07.12.2010)

The 62nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival came to an end on 15 Dec, 2010. Same as past few years, the PTA fully supported the School for this event by arranging parent volunteers to assist in the logistics on the event days. With close cooperation with the School and enthusiasm of the parent volunteers, 67 parent volunteers on the attached list accompanied students to take part in 35 sessions of the contest during 17.11.2010-07.12.2010.

The School received a marvelous result this year with 41 Champion, 27 1st Runners-up, and 27 2nd Runners-up, the PTA would like to congratulate the School for such a wonderful result. On the other hand, the PTA would like to extend our heartfelt appreciations to the parent volunteers for their valuable contributions and dedicated support, and in particular parent coordinator Jacqueline Wong and lead parent volunteers Sylvia Au, Ellen Chau, Annette Cheung, Iris Chow, Bibiana Choy, Rosana Wu, and Yvonne Yu for their active roles in organizing and ensuring the smooth running of the event. Without their help, the event would not have been successful.