68th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (22.11.2016 – 16.12.2016)

We are proud to announce that our girls have completed all the competitions in the 68th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival with an excellent result.

With the support of the school and the parent volunteers, we have run very
smooth logistics to bring our girls to the competition venue and escort them
back to school.

It is a very good opportunity for our parent volunteers to experience these
exciting competitions together with our girls, saw their performances on the
stages and witnessed them to receive the different awards.   There
are 62 parent volunteers helping out in the year, they were all thrilled
by the high spirit of the girls and the enthusiasm of the teachers.

In total, the girls received a total of 91
 awards in this year’s
Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, including 30 champion awards, 30 second
places and 31 third places, which is absolutely encouraging and
motivating.  Let’s give a big applause to our girls and thanks for the
school teachers’ dedicated effort.

The Parents Teachers Association would like to take this chance to thank our
helper team:

Position Name Daughter’s Name Class
ExCo : Ms Dora CHENG Tiffany CHOW 3S
  Mr Freddie TANG Senorina TANG 3T
  Ms Jenny WU Yee Ching AU 3T
  Mrs Oriana LEUNG Ailsa LEUNG 3T
Co-Op : Ms Amy KWAN Melanie IP 3S
  Ms Joanna CHIU Melanie NG 5S
  Mrs Mabel LO Audrey LO 2P
Team Leader : Mrs Amy TAI Sherleen TAI 2S
  Ms Angela FONG Anthea Margaret CHOW 2U
  Ms Connie LEUNG Constance LEE 5T
  Mrs Josephine CHAN Jacqueline CHAN 4A
  Mrs May HAU Anatasia Rachel HAU 2L
  Ms Pinky KO Kylie NG 3T
  Ms Tammy HO NG Cho Wing 2S
  Ms Wendy NGAI Victoria LEUNG 1U
Parent Volunteer : Ms Ada LAM Stephanie WONG 5P
  Mrs Ada LIU Jennessa LIU 1L
  Ms Angela CHEUNG Agnes Liu 1U
  Ms Angela HO Jenny LEE 2P
  Mr Anthony WAI Kristen WAI 2L
  Ms Apple ZHU Heidi CHAN 1T
  Ms Bonnie MAK  Cheryl CHENG 2U
  Ms Carol TAM Bridget TSUI 2S
  Ms Catherine CHAN Aza TOO 1P
  Ms Catherine CHENG Carrie CHIU 1A
  Ms Catherine SO Yannes LEUNG 3U
  Ms Christie LAI Jasmine WAN 1S
  Ms Christine LAM Janice HUI 1T
  Ms. Cynthia LAU Wing Tung TO 2T
  Ms Cynthia TSAI Jenny HSU 1S
  Ms Doris WONG Annabelle HO 1T
  Ms Edith CHEUNG Yan Hei CHAN 2P
  Ms Heather LAI Lorraine MA 1S
  Ms Hidy CHAN Cherry LEE 1S
  Ms Jasmine KWOK Natalie CHOW 4T
  Ms Joey TANG Jessica AU 2A
  Mr John MA Edwina MA 1S
  Ms Joyce WONG Jasmine LO 1U
  Ms Karen CHUI Suki CHUNG 3T
  Ms Kaur JAFFA Zamara Bibi CORDERO 1A
  Ms Kimi WONG Rhona LAM 1T
  Ms Leona CHOI Kelly NG 4S
  Ms Lian CHENG Natalie CHAN 2S
  Ms Lilac HUNG Shanice LI 1L
  Ms Loretta GO Sarah CHOW 2P
  Ms Louisa NG Katherine WONG 3T
  Ms Mandy LAW Sabelle Sze Pui LAU 2A
  Ms Maria CHAN Zita NG 1P
  Ms Maria MAN Natalie CHAN 1P
  Ms May YAM Prudence TANG 3P
  Ms May YUEN Kary TANG 1L
  Ms Miranda NG Anson DAI 6U
  Ms Monica MOK Kassie KUEK 1P
  Ms Paula CHAN Pandia NG 1U
  Ms Rebecca CHENG Melody FOK 1S
  Ms Selina LI Chloe CHENG 1P
  Mr Strong SHING Katarina SHING 1P
  Ms Ting Ting CHAN LAM Suet Ching 2T
  Ms Vanessa CHAN Yanni LEUNG 1A
  Ms Vanessa NG Nicole CHOI 2T
  Mr Wah Fung FU Tiffany FU 3P
  Ms Willa WONG Christie LUM 3S
  Total :   62