“Community Service Programme” for Tin Shui Wai Children – Fun Day in Ocean Park (18.02.2012)

Another highlight of the program this year is the“Community Service Programme”– Fun Day in Ocean Park co-operated by SPCS PTA and Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service and co-organized by School and PTA on Saturday, February 18, 2012. This programme was rendered possible by the fund raised in the Charity Sales held by PTA at School on January 13 & 14, 2012. A total of HK$17,155 was raised for sponsoring the Tin Shui Wai children referred by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service to attend this Fun Day and subsidizing the Programme.

The warm heartening of the event might have attributed to the fabulous weather with some sunshine that day. 57 Children from Tin Shui Wai were accompanied by 68 students and 58 parents in 30 small groups to explore Ocean Park and to have fun together in the park. We are grateful that the event went very well and smoothly. Participants were committed to attend the event by gathering punctually and meeting the schedule on time. We were also pleased to see that our students were able to show their care and love to the children by extending their help to them all along when needed.

Feedbacks from participating students and parents  after the event are very encouraging with 61% of the respondents gave the highest rating indicating that they had an enjoyable time in the Ocean Park with the children from Tin Shui Wai. Moreover, more than 95% of the respondents indicated that they would be interested to join similar activity organized by the PTA in the future.

Response from Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service is also very positive.  It was expressed that participating children were very happy and enjoyed spending the day with the big sisters. Some children were touched by the messages written by our volunteers in their souvenir booklets.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Ocean Park for granting us the welfare tickets and to a parent, Mrs. Peggy Yiu, who generously sponsored ice-cream coupons and bags for Charity Sales, and has kindly referred us to get discounted Ocean Park tickets.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Project Coordinators, Gigi Law and Rebecca Chan, volunteer photographers, Mr KW Chan and Mr Leung, volunteers Mandy Hung, Carmen and Hei from Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service and our parent volunteers on the attached list for their joint efforts and dedication to make this meaningful event a success.