SPCS and PTA Joint Community Service Project on “Knit for the Elderly” Visit to Elderly Homes (10.1.2009)

The Joint Community Service Project on “Knit for the Elderly” was concluded on 10.1.2009 with resounding success. Over 210 parents and students spent a fun-filled afternoon with over 1,000 elderly in 6 elderly homes at 5 locations, namely, the Quan Chuen Home for the Elderly & Bradbury Home for the Elderly, Madam Ho Sin Hang Home for the Elderly, Caritas Evergreen Home, HKLSS Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for the Elderly, and St. James Settlement Scenic Resort (Nursing Home). After the event, we are delighted to have received very positive feedback from the elderly homes and participants.

The project makes history not only because it is the first ever joint school and PTA project but also one with the largest number of volunteers, with as many as about 100 parents and over 100 students in participation. Moreover, we had collected over 580 scarves which were hand-knitted by our Form 1 to 3 students for doling out to the elderly.

Having the daunting task come through, we are greatly indebted to Sister Margaret for her genuine support and the hard work of the teachers, and especially members of the Community Youth Club and the Prefects’ Board, who brought a series of well-planned and entertaining programmes to the elderly, offering them a pleasant and enjoyable afternoon with games and performances.

Apart from the delightful programmes, the elderly also appreciated the goodies that we presented, including the scarves knitted by our students, Chinese lotus cakes, crackers, socks, red packets with candies, and lucky knots. On that freezing cold day, with our well-wishes and gift packs, we also brought along love and care to the senior citizens. Throughout the community service, we do not only enjoy taking part in this meaningful event but also the opportunity of working together with our children to show our care and concern to the needy. This is a big stride in enhancing parent-child relationship.

To ensure smooth running of this mega project, the preparation work began more than two months ago. There were far more planning and organization work than those met the eyes, for instance, coordination with the elderly homes, collecting and packing scarves, purchasing and packing gift packs, just to name a few. But above all, the project would not have been so successful had it not been the generous support of the donors of the yarn and presents for the elderly, PTA executive committee members, and of course our parent volunteers who spared their precious time and unreserved efforts in supporting the school and the PTA for this meaningful event.