Seminar on “Habits of Success in School, Work and Life” (9.12.2008)

The seminar on “Habits of Success in School, Work and Life” was held on 9.12.2008 at 6:30 p.m. in Room G7 of St. Paul’s Convent School. And we were greatly honoured to have invited Professor Arthur Costa to deliver the enlightening and interesting talk on “16 Habits of Mind”. Professor Costa is the Professor Emeritus of California State University and Co-Founder of the Institute for Intelligent Behavior, El Dorado Hills, California.

Over 100 participants attended the seminar. During the presentation, Professor Costa provided us with many useful tips and practical illustrations on how to help our daughters develop the patterns of thinking and behaviour that lead to success in school, work and life. His lively presentation, humorous descriptions and vivid demonstrations had impressed us most.

Lastly, we are also most grateful to Professor Costa for his generosity and kindness to allow us to put his seminar notes onto our SPCS PTA website for members’ reference and downloading.