SPCS and PTA Community Service Programme – Visit to Elderly Homes (27.04.2024)

On April 27, 2024, the School and PTA jointly organized a Home Visit as part of the Community Service for the Elderly. The visit took place at St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged in Sheung Shui and St. Mary’s Home for the Aged in Aberdeen, with an impressive participation from 97 volunteers.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our school, all the teachers, parents, students, and staff members of the elderly homes for their incredible support and unwavering contributions. We are particularly thankful for the generous donations from 33 parents, which amounted to a total of HKD 12,200. The donated funds were used to purchase special gifts for the elderly residents, and we also included a heartfelt handmade card in each gift bag to bring them happiness and contentment.  We are also grateful to Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Limited for their generous donation of White Flower Oil, which provided further comfort and relief to the residents.

With the participation of over 70 senior residents, the visits to the elderly homes were a joyous occasion. The morning was filled with singing, interactive games, and impressive performances of Chinese Opera by some of our students. These activities not only kept the elderly engaged but also helped them maintain their mental and physical well-being. Their participation also brought immense joy to all the volunteers.

Our goal is to foster a caring community by promoting empathy and generosity. This event allowed us to build rapport, trust, love, respect, and care for the elderly. Going forward, we will continue to innovate and expand the PTA’s contributions.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate the tremendous support and kindness we received, and we look forward to organizing more engaging and meaningful Community Service programs in the future.