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Invitation to 13th AGM of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent- Teacher Association for Year 2019/2020 (19.10.2019)

(For PTA Members Only)

With reference to the invitation email sent on Oct 4, I regret to inform you that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent-Teacher Association is now rescheduled to 12:30pm – 2:00pm on 19th October, 2019 (Saturday), at Secondary School Hall. It is because the School will close at 2:00pm on Saturday due to the unexpected circumstances. Below please find the revised agenda for your perusal. Please kindly note that registration starts at 12:00pm.

During the AGM, we are honoured to invite Ms. Tina Liu (劉天蘭女士), a renowned image stylist in Hong Kong, to deliver a talk. Ms. Liu is the Vice Chairperson of The Hong Kong Film Art Association and Honorary Fellow of The Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong. She is going to share her experience on “A better Parenting in this Digital Era”. The seminar would be conducted in Cantonese and we would try to provide translation into English if possible.

If you would like to join the AGM, please register online with instructions as below:

1) Select “2019-2020 AGM Registration” from the Main Menu and the system would direct you to the corresponding online registration form titled “SPCSPTA 2019-2020 AGM (Oct 19, 2019) online registration form”

2) Fill in the form and then click “Preview & Submit”.

3) Verify the input data and finally click “Submit” to confirm.

 On behalf of PTA, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our members and parent volunteers for your continuous support.

We would like to emphasize the importance of your attendance to ensure a quorum. If the quorum is not met, the AGM will be adjourned. We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

 Mr. Timothy Ngan


SPCS Parent-Teacher Association

13th AGM of Parent-Teacher Association, 2019

 Date:       19 October 2019 (Saturday)

Time:      12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Venue:    SPCS School Hall


12:00 p.m.


12:30 p.m.

Welcome Speech By MC

12:32 p.m.

Confirmation of Minutes of 12th AGM

12:33 p.m.

Annual Report from PTA Chairperson

12:40 p.m.

Report from PTA Treasurer

12:42 p.m.

Confirmation of Appointing Auditor and Honorary Legal Advisor

12:43 p.m.

Introduction of Executive Committee 2019-20 and self introduction of re-elected/new ExCo members

12:53 p.m.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation to 2018-19 PTA Exco members, Co-opt members and Honorary Legal Advisor

01:00 p.m.

Talk by Ms. Tina Liu on “A better Parenting in this Digital Era”

01:45 p.m.

Q&A session, followed by presentation of Certification of Appreciation to Ms. Tina Liu

01:52 p.m.

Announcement of 2019-20  Executive Committee  

01:54 p.m.

Speech by 2019-20  Chairperson

01:57 p.m.

Photo Taking

02:00 p.m.