The 6th Annual General Meeting of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent Teacher Association (SPCS PTA) (06.10.2012)

The 6th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St. Paul’s Convent School Parent Teacher Association (SPCS PTA) was held on October 6, 2012 at the school hall. 140 participants including teachers and members of SPCS PTA attended the event. We were  grateful that Ms Gigi Mak, SPCS PTA Legal Advisor, Mrs Lina Cheng, our past Chairlady, Ms Wanda Hau and Mr. KW Chan, our past General Officers also kindly graced us with their presence in the event.
The meeting was commenced by a welcome speech by our Masters of Ceremony Mrs Jenny Wong and Mrs. Gigi Law. Our Chairlady Mrs Lilian Hui has summarized the activities organized by the PTA during the past year. She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the PTA Advisor, Principal Rev Sr. Margaret, for her continual support to the Association, 2011/2012 PTA Executive Committee (ExCo) Members, Legal Advisor, Auditor, Teachers, PTA members, and parent volunteers for their invaluable advice, support and contributions offered to the PTA last year.
This year, there were 12 nominations for the election of ExCo members of the coming term.  Since there were 12 vacancies in the ExCo, all candidates were elected uncontested for a term of two years.
PTA Advisor, Principal Rev Sr Margaret expressed her appreciations to the Association for arranging remarkable activities especially the support for the English Language Teachers Professional Development Program which was highly appreciated by the Sichuan teachers. She also thanked the 2010-2012 PTA ExCo and Chairlady Mrs Lilian Hui for their passion and dedicated support to the school and looked forward to have a close cooperation with the new ExCo in the forthcoming term.
Another highlight of the day was a thought provoking and informative talk presented by Mrs Amy Iu on “Effective Communication with Teens(既近宜遠 – 明白青春女兒心)”. Mrs Iu is a professional consultant of Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mrs Iu has kindly agreed to share her seminar powerpoint with our members. 
In acknowledgement of the contribution and commitment to the PTA, PTA Advisor, Principal Rev Sr. Margaret presented the Appreciation Certificates to the ExCo and Co-opt members for 2010-2012 and Honorary Legal Advisor Ms. Gigi Mak. To mark the occasion, group photos were taken on the stage and followed by the speech of the new Chairlady Ms Rebecca Chan to record a vote of thanks to school, ExCo, parents and past Chairlady for their dedicated efforts and contributions.
Please feel free to browse the website further for the snapshots and passed resolutions including minutes of last annual general meeting, Chairlady’s Reports, Treasurer’s Reports and, as well as presentation by Mrs Iu.