Joint Green Campaign and Help the Needy (23, 24 and 25.4.2009)

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Paulinians and their families, we have collected a good variety of recycled items that are in excellent conditions for the “Green Campaign and Help the Needy” project. They include computers, piano, bicycles, watches, books, plush toys, bags, stationery etc. These items will certainly make the dreams of many underprivileged children come true.

With about 90 students and their families participating in this meaningful activity by donating a total of 70 boxes and bags of recycled items, we believe this project has certainly served the dual-purpose of instilling environmental consciousness in our daughters and helping the underprivileged at the same time.

The PTA would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the school’s Conservancy Club and parent volunteers, who took their precious time and spared unreserved efforts in supporting the school and the PTA for this meaningful event.