Briefing Session for Parent Volunteers (1.11.2008)        

A Briefing Session for the Parent Volunteers was held on 1st November 2008 (Saturday) 4:00 – 6:00p.m. at Room G7 of the School. This event marked the beginning of the Parent Volunteers Program (PVP) for 2008 – 2009. Over 60 parents attended the Briefing Session, during which they were briefed on the aims and functions of the PVP as well as the roles and duties of Parent Volunteers.

Sister Margaret showed her support and attended the briefing despite her busy schedule. She was delighted with the large number of parents volunteering to help in the School and PTA activities. She also thanked Parent Volunteers for sparing their time and efforts in support of the school.

Parent Volunteers support is vital to the success of the School and PTA activities including the upcoming Speech Festival and the Seminar on “Habits of Success in School, Work and Life”. With your support and help, we look forward to another year of success for the PVP.