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Seminar on Parents’ Role in Today’s Families (27 Jan 2018)
27.01.2018 - 27.01.2018


Seminar on “Parents’ Role in Today’s Families” – Online registration


Parenting in this digital era is compounded with numerous challenges when families today look much different from the way they did just a generation or two ago.  Are we resourceful? Are we creating a joyful path of loving and lasting bonds…… or are we attempting to insert an iron fist over our children, resulting in a panic-inducing, anxiety-provoking competition?  All parents understand good parenting is crucial to our children and young people; nonetheless, the majority of us do not think we have made parenting any easier.

Dr. Agnes Chan (陳美齡博士) is a renowned pop singer in Hong Kong, China and Japan. She is also a Stanford University Dr of Education, a professor, a writer, a novelist and a volunteer. She is presently the UNICEF Regional Ambassador for East Asia and Pacific Region. 

 Among her works, is the best selling book “50 Educational Methods from a Mother Who Put her 3 Sons into Stanford University". She will offer her exceptional insights on parents' role in today's families. The details of the seminar are as follows:



January 27, 2018 (Saturday)


2:30 - 4:30 p.m.


St. Paul’s Convent School - School Hall




To enhance our confidence in developing a nurturing environment for our loved ones, I am glad to invite all PTA members to join this seminar.  For enrolment, please follow the 5-step instructions to fill in the online registration form on or before January 20, 2018 (Saturday).


5-step | Complete the online form in SPCSPTA website (

1.       Select the main menu > “Seminar on Parents’ Role in Today’s Families

2.       The online registration form of “SPCSPTA Seminar on Parents’ Role in Today Families – 27 Jan 2018” will open in the browser.

3.       Fill in the information required by the online Registration Form,

4.       click the box “我不是機器人. Upon passing the check of pattern matching, there would be a “Tick” shown next to the text “我不是機器人”. and

5.       Then click “Submit” to confirm the data entry of the online registration.


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SPCS School Hall (Secondary Section)