Celebration of Success July 6 & 8, 2019

Celebration of Success


Students and parents of SPCS and their family are cordially invited to join the annual Celebration of Success event which will be held on 6th July (Saturday) and 8th July (Monday) respectively in the secondary school hall *.


The captioned event is a spectacular showcase of the brilliant achievements of our Paulinians who are both versatile and aesthetically talented. Some highlights of the show include a series of performances by various school teams such as Chinese opera, Chinese orchestra, dance, drama, choral speaking as well as singing by the school choir.


Apart from the marvelous stage performances, participants will also be introduced to a myriad of other invaluable learning experiences of our Paulinians over the past year such as community services as well as overseas training and exchange tours.


The excitement does not end after the show but rather continues at the covered playground where the STEMS showcase takes place there (only available on 6th July). Booths exhibiting awards-winning projects in Science and technology as well as VR experiential activities will surely end your day fantastically with your whole family.


Please do not hesitate to bring your friends and kids out to join this remarkable occasion and have fun!


For program details, please refer to the attachment.


* Free seating


Yours sincerely,


Parent Teacher Association

St. Paul's Convent School


Attachment :

1. Celebration of Success : July 6, 2019 (download PDF, 574K)

2. Celebration of Success : July 8, 2019 (download PDF, 520K)