Welcome Message 2017-18

Greetings to all PTA members,


On behalf of the Executive Committee (ExCo), welcome to the Homepage of the St Paul’s Convent School Parent-Teacher Association (SPCSPTA).
Being one of the oldest Grant-in-aid Schools in Hong Kong (founded in 1854). I am deeply humbled to serve as the 2017-2018 Chairman of the SPCSPTA. It is my pleasure to invite you to participate our coming PTA activities, community services and seminar. Following the theme of last year "Bridging the Pass and Future Success", our current theme
is the “Bonding" between the PTA members.
During the past decade, SPCSPTA was supporting the St Paul’s Convent School (SPCS) to provide an all-round education to students by bridging the SPCS parents between the past, present and the future within the family, school and society. By promoting a closer relationship and bonding with the SPCS parents and school, SPCSPTA actively communicate and exchange our views of our mutual concern. By Fostering the collaboration of Home and School, SPCSPTA developed the culture to enhance the welfare of students.
The importance of parents and school communication in our ever-changing world is vital. As a parent in SPCS, one of our role is to nurture our daughters to prepare for the future environments. During the PTA activities, we are always sharing our information and past experiences between junior and senior grade of parents. As a PTA member, you may find some new possible solutions to support your daughter. 
Your participation is always welcomed! 
Kind regards,
Iceman LEUNG
Chairman, St Paul’s Convent School Parent-Teacher Association